5 Simple Steps to Take Before Your Construction Project Begins

For any construction manager, change orders – formal requests to amend the initial contract to change a project’s price, schedule, or scope – are a necessary part of life. However, a diligent construction manager knows avoiding change orders is the most effective way to ensure a project is completed on time and budget. Here is a checklist of a few simple steps to take before beginning any commercial construction project to avoid the time delays and additional costs associated with change orders:

  1. 1. Confirm with local utility providers that proper connections for water, sewer, and electrical exist at your site. This may seem like obvious advice, but it isn’t uncommon for construction plans to get derailed because it was assumed a key utility was present, only to discover after digging that it wasn’t. Placing simple calls to your local utilities will avoid this headache.
  2. 2. On a related note, verify the locations of all water, sewer, and electrical hookups before work begins. In addition to confirming utilities exist at the site, you will also want to double-check the locations of all the necessary hookups. A common source of cost overruns is having to move or replace hookups or lines unexpectedly, or when extra work needs to be done to access them.
  3. 3. Walk the job site with your architect or engineer before beginning work. Ask the architect/engineer to show you that everything included in the plans is accounted for in the structure.
  4. 4. If your build out will require having access through an adjoining building or space, verify the owner and tenants of that space are on board. Making sure you have buy-in from everyone who may be impacted by your construction project in advance will help ensure you avoid frustrating disputes and delays.
  5. 5. Make sure all your subcontractors are working together. Perhaps the most important part of a construction manager’s job is to serve as the go-between for all the crews who are working on the project and make sure they are communicating with each other. For example, if you are working with two electricians – one who specializes in low voltage work and one who doesn’t – you need to ensure they each know what the other is doing so all wiring and connectors are installed properly.

The Rachuba construction management team is prepared to take all the necessary steps to ensure your project runs smoothly – from before work begins until completion. To talk to us about your project, please call Chris Rachuba at 443-277-3137.