All Things Maintenance with Mahoney

Hung Nguyen—known as Mahoney to Rachuba staff and residents at Prospect Hall Apartments—has been with Rachuba since 2008 when he began with the Rachuba Home Builders division. In 2010, Mahoney officially joined the property management side of the Rachuba business as a maintenance technician.

At Prospect Hall Apartments, Mahoney is in charge of completing residents’ maintenance needs in their homes. He is also responsible for the complex’s overall appearance—such as snow removal in the winter and tending to the grounds—as well as ensuring all functions of the Prospect Hall property are in A+ condition. He also manages and prepares the empty apartment units before a new resident moves in.

“I joined Rachuba in 2008 and have stayed for so long because of the empowering and uplifting environment and the nice owners,” shares Mahoney. “As a maintenance technician, I’m always dealing with something different every day, but that’s my favorite part about my job.”

In addition to his maintenance skills, Mahoney has also been a carpenter for 38 years. “You always have to be willing to learn new things in order to increase your skillset,” shares Mahoney. “You’re always presented with new tasks in this position and it’s important to try to manage or solve them to the best of your abilities.”

Mahoney is known for always keeping a positive attitude and doing a great job for the Prospect Hall residents. “Rachuba takes good care of its employees. They give us the tools we need to make our jobs easier,” says Mahoney. “I try my best to help the residents and represent the company well. I like to see people happy.”

Family is everything to Mahoney. When he’s not working you can find him out and about—meeting new people at Bingo and other social events!

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