Rachuba provides construction management for commercial and residential projects Learn about the benefits of hiring a construction manager.

When Should You Hire a Construction Manager?

Construction Manager

Originally, the role of a construction manager was designed to oversee large commercial construction projects.  Today, discerning homeowners have found there to be a great benefit in hiring a construction manager for oversight on high end residential homes.  In this article, the experts at Rachuba Real Estate Advisors discuss the three area you need to consider when hiring a construction manager.

Roles & Responsibilities

The construction manager will generally have extensive background and experience in construction.  Many construction managers are licensed architects or former general contractors.   A good construction manager will be onsite regularly, troubleshoots issues, and ensure that everyone is honest with their time, materials and quality of work.  Some of the responsibilities typically carried out by a construction manager are:

  • Help you hire an architect
  • Collaborate and work well with other industry professionals to complete the job
  • Evaluate plans and solicit bids from contractors
  • Construction documents, bidding and contract administration
  • Handle permits and inspections
  • Finding and hiring subcontractors
  • Ordering materials and negotiating discounts
  • Reviewing bills

How Much Does It Cost?

Most construction managers work on an hourly or flat fee basis.  This provides a transparent working relationship where the construction manager oversees the project for the owner at a relatively fixed cost.  So, instead of hiring a general contractor and paying overhead and profit, you’re simply contracting the hours needed to oversee the project.

Know What You Don’t Know

A construction manager can often save you time and money, because they will know what you don’t konw.  The following tips will help!

  • Look for a firm that has extensive experience in managing a project similar to yours
  • Review construction costs and budgets and will work to ensure the project comes in on time, on budget
  • Discuss the construction managers on-site presence
  • Ensure that the construction manager will be responsible for securing permits and plans
  • Outline all responsibilities and expectations up front

A construction manager can help save time and money while reducing stress.  Rachuba Real Estate Advisors provides construction management for commercial and residential building projects.  Contact the experts at Rachuba Real Estate Advisors today!