Contractors and Service Providers Are an Extension of Your Property Management Team. To Choose the Right Ones, Understand Your Company’s Culture.

Successful property management depends on the effectiveness of your contractors and/or service providers. This is true whether you are self-managing or you have hired a professional management company.

It all comes down to teamwork – the contractors are an extension of your property management team. The right contractors should integrate seamlessly with your business and your values. Their experience, skills and technology should expand upon your resources and allow you to focus on your core business functions.

But how do you find contractors who are the right fit for your business? Your search should begin by considering your company’s culture, and setting a goal to find contractors who exhibit the same core values you expect of your team.

Don’t get me wrong – when searching for the right contractor, it is still important to adhere to industry standards when collecting bids for your work. In general, the process involves (i) defining the scope of work; (ii) inviting contractors to bid on the work; (iii) comparing the proposals to make sure they are consistent; and (iv) choosing the one that best fits your project needs.

But choosing the right contractor is about so much more than finding the lowest price. Often, what seems like the lowest bid ends up either costing you more to fix mistakes or compromises quality because the contractor is cutting corners to meet their price.

The procurement process gives contractors a good opportunity to show you the value they offer and whether they fit in with your company’s culture. After all, you want contractors who will think about how they can make you more successful.

During this process, consider these issues:

  • * Is the contractor respectful of your team during the process? Are they open to listening to your team’s process and questions? Do they offer alternative approaches that could save you money?
  • * What do other customers say about them? Do their reviews meet the standards of excellence set by your company?
  • * Did the contractor honor their word during the bidding process? Did they do what they promised? Do you feel they are authentic?
  • * Does the contractor listen to what your needs are? Do they understand how the project impacts you, your company and most importantly, the people who are living and/or working at the property?
  • * Is the contractor simply trying to get a job done or are they working to build a long-term relationship with you and your company? Do you enjoy working with the contractor?
  • * How does the contractor keep you informed of their process? How well do they stay on schedule and on budget? What is their reporting process?
  • * Does the contractor treat the project as if it is their own property? Do they accept responsibility if something goes wrong and take the appropriate actions to correct it?

Choosing the right contractor is just like choosing the right team member. Look for skills, expertise, and approaches that fit with your company culture. The long-term benefit of working with the right partner is worth the extra effort it may take to find them.

At Rachuba, our company mission, vision, and core values drive everything we do – including the contractors we choose to hire. Please contact us to learn more.

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