Learn about best practices and advantages of outsourcing facilities management and see how it could benefit your business.

What Your Business Must Know About Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities management can fondly be remembered as a position where the guy ‘wears a lot of hats’ and knows a little something about everything.  Overseeing janitorial services, mailrooms, and building maintenance were just a few of the responsibilities that often fell under the scope of work.  As our society has evolved, more demands have been placed on facilities management.  Owners and tenants wants buildings that are green, with an emphasis on efficiencies, cost reductions, life-cycle reporting, and safer workplaces to name just a few.

Many business owners now invest in their own commercial real estate and are tasked with complying with growing social demands, technology, workplace safety, and employee satisfaction.  As the business grows, so do the demands.  Business owners must often determine if staffing their own facilities management personnel is the most effective use of funds, or if outsourcing the operations would provide a higher level of service and satisfaction.  Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Workplace Adaptability – With more and more employees working virtually, the role of technology and accessibility is ever-increasing. Facilities managers must have the latest information and resources to not only accommodate these workers virtually, but provide a seamless environment connecting corporate culture and virtual workplaces.
  2. Federal, State & Local Regulations – Whether building out a new office or reconfiguring an existing space, organizations are required to comply with a variety of regulations for compliance purposes. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides a list of requirements to ensure proper access for those with disabilities.  In addition, the use and/or disposal of certain items must comply with hazardous waste guidelines, as required by the EPA or other entities.  Will your staff be able to keep up with these regulations and minimize the company’s liabilities?
  3. Workplace Safety – Unfortunately, workplace safety has become a top concern for many companies in the age of workplace shootings. Protecting employees, preventing crisis events, and ensuring that facilities have proper protocols is key.  Does your team know how to effectively design and manage these processes?
  4. Equipment Procurement & Maintenance – While most large equipment will be maintained and/or have service contracts, it is important that your team have working knowledge of this equipment and be able to understand quotes, bids, and repair orders.

Increasingly, businesses are choosing to outsource their facility management responsibilities.  Outsourcing often reduces costs and improves operational performance.  If you’d like to explore how outsourcing facilities management services could benefit your business, contact Rachuba Real Estate Advisors today for a free consultation.