It Takes Teamwork: Meet Prospect Hall Apartments Service Manager, Bill Whitehead


At Rachuba, we’re known for our decades of experience managing and facilitating the upkeep of multi-family residential properties and commercial properties. We’re able to excel at what we do thanks to our hands-on leaders and because of our dedication to creating lasting value for the property owners. Many of our staff stay with us−and with your property−because we welcome them with open arms into our family.


Someone who can attest to our family workplace culture, is our Service Manager at Prospect Hall Apartments, Bill Whitehead. Bill joined our team in 2012 when Rachuba took over management of the property where he was working, and then moved to Prospect Hall when Rachuba acquired that property in 2019. He has proven to be a dedicated, hardworking asset ever since.


As Service Manager, his responsibilities include property inspection, development and action planning, consulting vendors, scheduling services, managing the team, and reporting to the property manager. “I start my day by inspecting the property, meeting with my team to discuss plans for the day, then reporting to the manager to consult on action plans,” explains Bill.  “Throughout the day, I confer with my team to ensure we’re managing progress of our jobs. When I’m not working with my team, I’m meeting with vendors and assisting with resident related issues.”


Having been in property management since 2000, Bill has continued to take the necessary steps to improve his skills and better serve the Prospect Hall community. “I received my CAMT certification in 2003 and continue to take job related classes and seminars to expand my knowledge,” he shares. “Employee and resident interactions are my favorite part of my job. I use the skills I’ve learned every day—whether I’m team building, problem solving, or addressing other challenges.”


Working for Rachuba, Bill has come to live by the company’s mission and core values. “The entire team—made up of management and employees—took the time to carefully develop them,” he adds. “Everyone believes in the values and holds each other accountable. We live by the values daily.”


When he’s off duty, Bill enjoys spending time with his children and perfecting his grill game—to which he notes, “I am Grill-tastic!”


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