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Maximize the Value of Real Estate – Part 3: Company Owned & Occupied Real Estate

Managing Corporate Owned Real Estate

If you own your own business, you may also own your own building.   Many companies opt to own the real estate that houses their company and its employees, since this can provide substantial long-term benefits.  But, how will you handle the facilities and maintenance of the building?  It’s an important decision that can have a very positive or negative impact on your investment as well as your employees.  In this article, we’ll outline some of the areas that you should consider when deciding whether or not you should outsource facilities management for owned real estate.

  1. Routine Maintenance & Repairs

Do you have experienced staff with the knowledge and expertise to perform routine maintenance and repairs on HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment?   Or, like some companies, do you have an employee who is responsible for these items, but does not have the in-depth knowledge to make repairs and basically acts like an on-call dispatcher, coordinating contractors?  Routine maintenance is critical to reducing long-term costs, avoiding costly repairs and capital expenditures.  Well maintained buildings provide building efficiency and a comfortable and satisfying environment in which to work.  A good facilities management firm has the talent and resources ready to respond, so that your employees can focus on your business.

  1. Value Enhancement

What types of improvements can increase the value of your investment, provide more efficient building operations and reduce expenses?  Will adding a gym, café, or game room help recruit or retain employees?  What amenities are your competitors offering their employees?  A knowledgeable facilities manager can pro-actively make these types of recommendations to property owners that will provide these benefits and more!  So, it’s extremely valuable to have a facilities or property manager that understands the complexities of real estate and has a pulse on the local business environment, to make these types of recommendations.

  1. Customer Experience + Building Efficiency = Success

A well-maintained building provides a superior customer experience.  When your employees are the ‘customer’ that is working in the building, a comfortable work environment can go a long way towards enhancing the entire work experience.  Well-maintained properties often result in higher employee performance and morale, which can result in increased business profitability.  Building efficiency also results in higher profitability and better returns on investment.  Put these two elements together and you have a successful business and a great investment!

Residential and commercial property owners recognize the inherent value of working with a reputable Property & Facilities Manager firm.   Rachuba Real Estate Advisors provides a wide variety of property management and facilities management services.  In addition, we understand how these services can impact the value of the real estate along with the experience you’re providing your employees.

Contact us today to tap into our expertise and start enjoying the rewards of owning your own commercial building!

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