Rachuba Earns a #2 Spot in Nationwide Property Management

Rachuba-managed properties, Piney Ridge Apartments & Townhomes and Prospect Hall Apartments, secured Top 100 rankings nationwide by ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts.

How epIQ are the property management services at Rachuba? Just ask our A+ Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient (epIQ) Index. Distributed twice a year in January and July, the epIQ Index scores rental communities based on four categories:

1. Renter ratings—the average ratings from verified renters’ reviews and surveys

2. The number of reviews and units compared to other rental communities

3. The percentage of renter reviews that have direct responses from a property manager

4. Response times—an average of how long it took the property manager to respond to renters’ reviews compared to other rental communities

The index produces a grade point average that encompasses resident experience—appealing to current residents, whether they’ve been with us for 2 months or 20 years, as well as future residents—and the overall performance of the property management company. In January 2021, our company found itself sitting at the #5 spot in the “Management Companies with 1-9 Communities” category, but in July 2021, we successfully moved up to the #2 spot.

“This is huge for us,” shares Tracey Schmidt, regional property manager. “Even though we’re a smaller company, we operate at the caliber of larger ones—with a detailed focus on our residents.” Working with SatisFacts for more than nine years, our company is able to put touchpoints in place that track residents’ rental experiences. Additional customer-company engagement occurs when residents receive surveys after a move in, when a work order is completed, prior to renewal, and at move out. These surveys allow us to know what our residents at Piney Ridge and Prospect Hall really think about our property management services.

While Rachuba sits at #2 for 1-9 communities with a 96.55 epIQ value, our properties were also recognized on the Top 250 Communities Nationwide list. Currently, Piney Ridge Apartments & Townhomes ranks #52, while Prospect Hall Apartments is #136 nationwide. “It’s awesome to have our hard work recognized,” shares Tracey. “When you rent at our properties, it’s more than just a rental agreement. It’s like our residents are joining our family, and we take care of them that way.”

Since the release of the epIQ scores—which are available to the public on ApartmentRatings.com—both communities have waitlists full of people hoping to join the Rachuba family. “People now know that when they rent with us, they’re going to be heard, valued, and respected,” adds Tracey. “That’s why they’re so determined to live in our communities.”

As for the next few months, our company is going to continue to go above and beyond to ensure our residents feel cared for. “Our team is ready to secure that #1 spot,” states Tracey. “And we’ll do it by living our values, listening to our residents, and supporting our incredible on-site teams.”

Live at a Totally epIQ Rental Community

Learn more about our properties—Prospect Hall and Piney Ridge—at rachuba.com/property-management.html.