Find out how a real estate advisor can help with your Real Estate Wealth. Here are the 3 questions to ask before choosing a real estate advisor.

How a Real Estate Advisor Can Be Critical to Building Wealth with Real Estate

Real Estate Wealth

When you are getting ready to buy, sell, lease or renovate real estate, it’s important to consider a multitude of factors that can impact your real estate investment.  Different than a real estate agent, a real estate advisor provides important guidance and serves as an expert on a variety of real estate factors, not just buying and selling.  In this article, we’ll highlight the 3 questions you should ask before choosing a real estate advisor.

  1. What type of experience do you have with residential and commercial properties?  Residential and commercial properties have very distinct differences and a host of factors that can influence their value.  Commercial properties are often far more complex and can provide much higher values than a typical residential property.  You will want a real estate advisor that has extensive experience with both types of real estate.  This experience may include land development, rezoning of residential to commercial, converting a commercial property from industrial to corporate, etc.
  1. Tell me about how you evaluate the best use of a Your real estate advisor should have a strategic process for evaluating properties to determine their highest and best use.  They should be able to utilize their knowledge, experience and vast resources to determine the best use, current value and potential value of a piece of real estate.  Further, they should have examples to share of projects they’ve worked on and the outcomes, particularly as they relate to the client’s goals.
  1. Explain how you work with professional service firms. Many clients rely on their financial planners, accountants, and attorneys for advice.  Certainly, these professionals often have a full picture of your goals and objectives along with your financial  A real estate advisor should work closely with these professionals to understand the clients’ overall financial and long-term strategies.

To maximize your real estate investments, it is critical to partner with a real estate advisor who has the experience to make sound recommendations.  Rachuba Real Estate Advisors has over 40 years of experience in extremely diverse real estate transactions.  They have bought, sold, developed, rented, managed, and renovated virtually every type of real estate.  If you’re seeking an advisor to work with your professional services team, contact Rachuba Real Estate Advisors today!

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