About Us

Company Overview

Rachuba is 3rd generation family business with strong roots in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan region. Originally founded as Rachuba Enterprises in 1977, the business has evolved and expanded over the years and now encompasses and entire portfolio of companies that provide a variety of real estate services.

The organization has experience with virtually every type of real estate property and is adept at meeting the needs of residential and commercial real estate owners, property managers, developers, accountants, attorneys, and their valued clients. This experience has positioned Rachuba as the go-to resource for determining the best ways to maximize the value of real estate while considering the owner’s desired outcomes.

Success Is In Our DNA

Rachuba is a third-generation, family-owned business. And that means all the difference for your project. Here are just a few of the ways we work better for you.

Integrity That Gets the Job Done Right

The Rachuba name is more than a company name. It’s our family name. And it means everything to us. You can trust that we will do everything to uphold the legacy of hard work, quality, and service that our father and grandfather built.

Quality That Builds Lasting Value

We grew up in this business, so we know what quality means: what it feels like, what it looks like. We have no tolerance for cutting corners. From building custom homes to building resident satisfaction, you can trust that when Rachuba builds something for you, we build it to last.

Commitment to Being a Meaningful Partner

Being part of the Rachuba family of clients is truly like being part of our family. It starts with having leaders who are invested in the day-to-day details: helping you choose the materials for your home, reporting back to you on your project’s status, and responding directly to your residents’ needs. Many residents even come to know our leaders and staff on a first-name basis.

Meet Our Family

Who We Help

We have a deep understanding of virtually every type of real estate project and are adept at meeting the needs of:

  • Residential and commercial real estate owners
  • Property managers
  • Developers
  • Homeowners looking to build
  • Accountants, attorneys, and their valued clients
Our Experience Goes a Long Way
Since our grandfather began the business in the 1950s, Rachuba has evolved to meet the changing needs of our community. Our rich and diverse history of experience makes us exceptional at what we do today. Throughout our company history, we have:
  • Built homes in a variety of price points and geographic locations, supervising the entire construction process from land purchase, development, construction, and sale.
  • Led countless commercial and government construction projects to success as a general contractor and construction manager, including stepping in to take over projects that others have mismanaged.
  • Managed multi-family residential properties and commercial properties for our own portfolio, investor portfolios, and advisory clients alike.
  • Acted as a facilities manager responsible for residential and commercial properties. In this role, we have been accountable for all internal and exterior maintenance, building systems, and the overall user experience.
  • Bought, sold, held, and operated residential and commercial real estate.
  • Managed hundreds of land projects and long-term planning strategies.
  • Maintained and continue to maintain a real estate license to assist our clients with purchase and sale transactions.
  • Partnered with commercial brokers to assist with complex transactions

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