Facilities Management

Rachuba Real Estate Advisors has over 40 years of property management experience and 60 years of construction management.

Rachuba Real Estate Advisors’ experience allows us to serve as expert facilities managers for your residential and commercial real estate properties. Our construction management experience further enhances our abilities to serve as your trusted advisor for new, existing or renovated properties.

We focus on:

  • Reducing your administrative burdens,
  • Enhancing technology to minimize facility operating costs,
  • Tracking and performing routine maintenance to curb costly repairs and expenditures,
  • Improving customer satisfaction,
  • Proactively identifying capital expenditures so they can be properly budgeted,
  • Positioning your real estate assets to achieve their highest value and marketability.

Rachuba Real Estate Advisors Facilities Management Services can provide many strategic advantages for you and your real estate assets.

Our core services include the administration or oversight of:

  • Complete Building Operations and Maintenance
  • HVAC and Environmental Control System Maintenance
  • Fire Suppression Systems Maintenance
  • Infrastructure and Engineering Support Services
  • Energy Management Architecture-Engineering Support Services
  • Building Alteration and Construction
  • Tenant Build Outs