Changing the Game for Property Management

See how Prospect Hall Apartments went from a 90% occupancy rate to wait-list level success with guidance from the Rachuba team.

Rachuba has been in the property management game for over three generations, meaning we know a thing or two about how to improve a community by going above and beyond with daily operations, resident satisfaction, and a stellar management team.

On November 1, 2019, Rachuba acquired Prospect Hall Apartments, and our management team of seven transitioned from the previously Rachuba-owned property, Pickwick East Apartments, to the new complex. Two of those team members include Community Manager Stacey Liberto and Service Manager Bill Whitehead. “We’re a team built on trust,” shares Stacey. “When the transfer happened, we were able to quickly accomplish all necessary tasks for the ownership and prepare for all of the new property challenges. We were open with each other—allowing us to tackle everything as a team.”

After taking over Prospect Hall Apartments, the Rachuba team faced some pretty big hurdles to improve the reputation of the community. “We were looking at deferred maintenance issues with HVAC systems and appliances not being repaired or maintained,” shares Bill. “Resident complaints were not being addressed, which was very clearly reflected in the community’s ratings.”

In fact, when potential residents searched Prospect Hall Apartments on, they were met with a C-grade (78%) recommended rating. “Since this is a well-known site that many people turn to before considering a community, we knew we had to improve the ratings,” says Stacey. “The site provides feedback from resident surveys that directly relate to the property, so we knew that reputation management was going to be our top priority.”

Working together, Rachuba brought exceptional customer service to Prospect Hall Apartments—which regained confidence from residents. With the motto, “strive for five,” Rachuba’s Prospect Hall management started monitoring all reviews, both good and bad, to determine areas where improvement was needed. By monitoring reviews on, and implementing digital tools like resident surveys from SatisFacts, a resident engagement program from Modern Message, and our property management software, Entrata, our team was able to use residents’ feedback to improve the property and its services. “Our overall success comes down to providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with our residents,” states Bill.  “We believe that our resident satisfaction reviews speak volumes to past, present, and future residents.”

Starting with a 90% occupancy rate, the newly managed property immediately saw an increase in resident satisfaction. “By January 2020 we had increased to a B-grade recommend rate on,” shares Stacey. “The pandemic caused some setbacks, but we kept moving forward and discovered new ways to conduct business.” Some innovative solutions included virtual tours, Zoom meetings, emergency maintenance services, and operating on rotating schedules to follow all COVID-19 orders. The Rachuba team continued to adjust all business plans to meet customers comfort levels. “In August 2020, we returned to the office which allowed prospects to complete self-guided tours,” says Bill. “Due to modifying our schedule, we began to see an increase in occupancy trends. Currently, we are 100% leased and have a waitlist on all floor plans that we offer,” adds Stacey.

As of July 2021, Prospect Hall Apartments not only has a waitlist, but an A-grade rating. “We’re thrilled to have a waitlist because it means we have met our property goals and our efforts have been successful,” says Stacey. “Our waitlist is managed through Entrata, which allows us to contact eligible prospects from the waitlist, in the order their applications were received.”

With a hands-on family approach and a proactive, driven work culture, the Prospect Hall staff continues to provide advanced solutions to clients’ needs through creativity and collaboration. “We build value and create experience through positive relationships and outstanding customer service,” states Stacey. “We’re ready to just keep growing and making this property the best it can be.”

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